Welcome to  J. (John) Simpson Ltd.  Here you can review stock plans and services available as well as a list of the many boats built from my designs.   Having been involved in many aspects of boats (using, building, owning, and designing) of various types, sizes, & materials, considerable experience can be brought to your project.

I have worked with both professional and amateur builders as well as other naval architects (and their clients) to provide the assistance needed to meet the objectives.  There is no preference for materials, be it fiberglass, steel, or aluminum but there are certain applications in which some materials are better suited.

If you cannot find a stock plan to your liking a custom design may have to be considered.  As in any project, the first step involves getting your thoughts, requirements, and ideas put on paper so that all participants –you, the builder, the designer, get a clear ‘picture’ of your objectives. Likewise, modifications to an existing boat often warrant the same consideration.

A brief boating biography

  • Boat user/operator – 60+years (mostly inshore/coastal, some offshore)
  • Boat owner – 30 years (power 24’-48’, sail 22’)(incl. maintenance)
  • Boat building – 10 years (shipyard, custom builder, home build)
  • Boat design – 45 years (several builders and/or design firms)
  • Incorporated 1974

Sail Boat Plans

Power Boat Plans

Commercial Boat Plans

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