22ft Utility

Design Number: 87-222

Designed for coastwise utility and transportation, this vessel is suitable for several people and/or deck cargo. The first vessel (drawing) was arrangement as a fast supply vessel for local fish farms. The second vessel (photo) was built as a scout boat and is fitted with fish locating equipment. It precedes and directs the fishing fleet, often in less than ideal weather and sea conditions.

The hull form is a 20-degree  deadrise deep “V” which gives good performance and sea-keeping properties at all speeds and sea states and is based on our proven hull form developed for commercial vessels over the past 20 years. In addition to good sea keeping, the hull form is relatively easy to build thereby keeping construction (and repair) costs within acceptable limits.

The arrangement (supply boat) features a short cabin forward to give the skipper good visibility at all times and in all weather conditions. The cargo deck is 12′ long and may fitted with a transom door and recovery chute to facilitate retrieval.

For those who prefer cruising or water taxi service*, it is possible to obtain more interior room by lengthening or re-positioning the cabin with the aft bulkhead located approximately 7′ forward of the transom.

To improve safety, three watertight bulkheads are fitted to improve survivability in the event of a grounding or collision.

Power is by single diesel or gasoline stern-drive to give a cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 30+ knots. Alternative propulsion systems could be twin outboards, surface drives, or water jets.

The fuel capacity permits a cruising range in excess of 200 miles with 10% reserve and there is provision for additional fuel to increase the range if required.