25ft Sport Fisherman

Design Number: 88-241, 08-251

Designed for coastal or inland sportfishing and/or cruising, this vessel is suitable for up to six persons on day trips or two persons overnight or on extended trips.

The original design (1988) was 24’ with a modified ‘V’ hull and proved itself fishing off northern Queen Charlotte Is. (west coast of Canada) for several years. The second generation evolved into a deep V (20 degrees deadrise) and 5 boats were built in lengths varying between 25’ and 27’.

The third generation option (hull no. 7) is the 2509 (25’ x 9’) which has the added feature of computer lofted offsets and drawings of major panels (bottom, side, transom, etc.) based on our ‘L 22’ to facilitate estimating, ordering, & construction.  This hull retains the deep V (20 degrees deadrise) but has a straight/flat sheer.

The arrangement features a single deckhouse with forward raked windows to give the skipper good visibility at all times and in all weather conditions.  The aft deck is 9′ long and could be fitted with a transom door and recovery chute to facilitate retrieval of large fish.

For those who prefer cruising, it is possible to obtain more interior room by lengthening the cabin by approx. 2’. This would still leave a 7’ cockpit for fishing, entertaining, and other activities.

Power is by a 300hp diesel sterndrive to give a cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 30 knots. Alternative propulsion systems could be surface drives, or water jets. For those not needing the higher duty rating of diesel, gasoline power would be a good alternative.

The fuel capacity permits a cruising range in excess of 200 miles with 10% reserve and there is provision for additional fuel capacity if required.