26ft Tug

Design Number: 98-261

This tug was designed and used for log sorting/towing at a BC mill. Hull form is often referred to as a ‘pod’ boat which makes it fast and easy to build as well as capable of sitting on land (or a beach) upright, without external support.

The hull is computer lofted with corrected offsets. There are no NC files.

Drawings are in Imperial/US measure. Metric/SI not available


  1. Hull  no. 1 complied with Canadian regulations(2008) required for:
    • stability [ TP 7301- STAB 3 (similar to IMO)]
    • manning: tonnage   GT = 7.47,  NRT =  5.60
  2. Beam overall- guards, rails, etc  (shipping) 11.63’ (11’-7 ½”)
  3. The cabin is isolated from the hull on 4 anchor points. Hinges are fitted at the for’d end and the cabin can be tilted for’d for engine major service or replacement, etc. or the cabin can be removed for shipping boat overland.