32ft Fishing Vessel Gillnetter

Design Number: 88-3214

This design was developed for the fishery on the west coast of North America and has proven to be an excellent sea boat in locales ranging from California to the Alaska Gulf. Power is by either twin 400 hp diesels (28 knots) or a single 650 hp diesel (24 knots, 17 knots with 10,000 lb. payload). Less power can be fitted for those persons not requiring speed. To allow shallow water operations, the propellers operate within partial tunnels to give a nominal draft of approximately 3′-0″.

The fish hold is divided in ‘cells’ fitted with brails to facilitate handling of fish, boat maintenance, and for times when a fluid cargo might be carried, minimize free surface effect. Alternate hold arrangements can be adopted to suit the owner’s requirements.

Construction is of welded aluminum with a bottom of 1/4″ plate (3/8″ plate aft) over transverse and longitudinal frames. Hull sides, decks, and superstructure are built to similar tough standards to give years of trouble free service.

The interior layout illustrated is but one of several that can be fitted to suit owner’s needs. Shown is the layout for the Bristol Bay (Alaska) and is arranged with permanent berths for 2 persons in the foc’sle with a day bunk in the wheelhouse. There is a small galley plus fully equipped “head”.

Over 30 vessels have been built to this and variants of this design. The beam on this version is 14′-0″  (moulded) but variants offer beams of 13′ and 12′ and lengths ranging from 32′ to 35 (see our other design listings)