37ft Steel Lugs’L Schooner

Design Number: 79-361

This design is available with a choice of two distinctive rigs, either of which is ideally suited to offshore cruising. Readers will be quite familiar with the Marconi (Bermudan) cutter but we would like to cover some aspects of Chinese Lugsail rig commonly called a ‘Junk’.

The ‘Junk’ rig is one of the oldest rigs in the world and is still in use in the Far East. This fact by implication might suggest that it is outdated, such is not the case: the same attributes found by the Chinese traders (often sailing shorthanded) of years past and present apply equally as well to the cruising sailor ‘of today. The rig is easy to reef and balance, the sail is fully battened and sheeted for maximum control and efficiency, the unstayed mast lacks rigging and induces minimal stress into the hull at point loading. As a bonus the light sheeting requires minimal winches, if indeed any are needed at all.

As in other rigs, the Chinese rig has different variations and/or styles. We use that developed by ‘Blondie’ Hasler and Jock McLeod, who over the past decades have made refinements yielding the rig we have today; proven to be effective and reliable on hundreds of offshore voyages and several single handed trans oceanic races (OSTAR). Like these well proven predecessors, the vessel illustrated can be sailed (reefed, furled, ‘wrung out’) from the interior “Control Position”, avoiding the need to go out on deck to adjust sails in bad weather.

However, it is best to assess any rig or system prior to making the final choice. Interestingly, the client that ordered this design (hull no. 1) eventually decided in favor of the western rig with spool furling etc.


The stern/ keel can be modified and a outboard rudder (with tiller or wheel) may be fitted.

Deckhouse can be made higher to create a ‘pilothouse’ with inside steering.