38ft Fishing Vessel

Design Number: 89-381

This design was developed for the fishery on the west coast of North America and has proven to be an excellent sea boat in locales ranging from California to the Alaska Gulf. Power is by either twin 420 hp diesels (38’) or a single 300 hp diesel (39’).

The fish hold is divided in ‘cells’ fitted with brails to facilitate handling of fish, boat maintenance, and to minimise free surface effect. Alternate hold arrangements can be adopted to suit the owner’s requirements.

Construction is of welded aluminum with a bottom of 1/4″ plate (3/8″ plate aft) over transverse and longitudinal frames. Hull sides, decks, and superstructure are built to similar tough standards to give years of trouble free service. The wider (14’-5”) hull is essentially the same as the original but with the hull side ‘stepped out’ by incorporating a full length 4” wide chine flat.

The interior layout illustrated is but one of several that can be fitted to suit the owner’s needs. Shown is a custom layout arranged with permanent berths for 4 persons and ‘head’ in the foc’sle. The main cabin features a split galley: sink to port in the ‘slime pit’, and stove to starboard in the ‘clean’ area.

The following is representative of the application of this design: one vessel is fitted with twin engines and works off the Oregon coast in the salmon fishery. The second vessel is slightly larger and powered by a single diesel, fitted with refrigeration in an open hold, and works off the west coast of Canada in the prawn fishery.