40′ Flush Deck Pilothouse Cutter

Design Number: 86-390

This design was commissioned by a couple who wanted an offshore pilothouse cutter under 40′,

draft less than 6′, and 6′-4″ headroom.

The hull is of double chine steel construction with performance and directional stability enhanced by a moderately long fin keel (which permits ‘drying out’) and a large skeg mounted rudder.  Each use foils of NASA sections to provide optimum lift/drag properties.

Hull topsides are fitted with a beveled section to lower the apparent freeboard and yet maintain adequate height for standing headroom.

The sail plan features a powerful masthead cutter rig with mainsail slab reefing and headsails on furling systems. The fore stay can be removed to facilitate sailing in protected waters.

The interior layout features all the best appointments needed for extensive offshore cruising. Of note is the large, well-appointed galley with double sink, stove, freezer, and trash bin. The deck head in way of the galley may be left open to provide good communication to the helm station and obtain plenty of natural light. Forward of the galley is a small work area suitable for light mechanical work or a computer station.

The pilothouse features a full navigation station, dinette, quarter berth, and hanging locker. An optional aft stateroom with double berth may be fitted at the starboard side, aft.

The cockpit features plenty of seating in the functional “T” layout. The wheel is pedestal mounted on a tubular box beam “bridge” thereby giving a dedicated area to the helmsman. Steering can be either hydraulic or cable and in the event of failure, there is provision for a back-up tiller.

Kits: For those builders interested in kits, there are computer N.C. codes available from Northstar Marine (builder of the Lotus)which can be used to cut the steel: Pre-cut parts can be furnished and shipped to the building site. This “boat in a box” approach saves considerable time and materials, reduces waste,  and is very accurate.

Three boats – Three stories.

  • Seismic Wave: Built in California – cruised the Pacific Northwest & Alaska
  • Lotus: Built in Oregon – Sailed south, then west, currently in Trinidad for completion of circumnavigation. Read Lotus update »
  • Vari: Built Washington state- Sailed west with Lotus. Currently (2012)in South Africa.