40ft Landing Craft

Design Number: 94-401

Designed for coastwise utility and transportation, this vessel is suitable for up to 3 persons (2 berths + 1 settee/bunk) and 15,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. of deck cargo. The first vessel was arranged as a fast supply boat for local fish farms. Fitted with a single 500hp Yanmar diesel it achieved a maximum speed of 24 knots in a ‘Light Operating’ (full fuel/no payload) condition.

The hull form is a moderate deadrise  (approx. 12 degrees) “V” bottom which gives good performance and sea-keeping properties at all speeds and sea states and is based on our proven hull form developed for commercial vessels over the past 20 years.  In addition to good sea keeping, the hull is relatively easy to build,  keeping construction (and repair) costs within acceptable limits.

The arrangement (supply boat) features a short cabin aft with raised wheelhouse to give the skipper good visibility at all times and in all weather conditions.  The cargo deck is 22′-6” long by 11’-4” wide and fitted with a bow door/ramp. For safety, two watertight bulkheads are fitted but more may be fitted if desired.

Power is by single or twin diesel on shaft(s). Alternate propulsion systems such as water jet or surface drives would be an option especially if speeds greater than 20 knots are required.