42ft Tri-Cabin Motor Cruiser

Design Number: 78-421

The first vessel was built in Vancouver by the owner and now cruises BC waters. This design was also the basis for the LaBelle 43 (& 46, 49), built in Taiwan from 1981 to 1992. In 1980, most ( if not all) the ‘trawlers’ built in Taiwan had an 8 knot cruise. By achieving an 11 knot+ cruise the LaBelle 43 ‘broke’ this barrier and was considered the first ‘fast’ trawler out of Taiwan

The hull is of the semi-displacement type developed by the designer in 1973 and features a fine entry running into a moderate deadrise (120) “V” aft. To assure a dry ride there is a moulded in spray deflector forward plus a generous flare. This has the added advantage of giving a drier ride and greater reserve buoyancy in the bow when running in short steep seas. And, since there is no chine ‘flat’ near the water there is no annoying ‘wave slapping’ when moored on a quiet night.

Construction is fiberglass sandwich with ‘Airex in the hull and end grain balsa in the decks and cabin. Although no attempt will be made to build a light boat the use of the sandwich method of construction will yield a lighter, stiffer structure than if built in solid fiberglass.

Power is single or twin diesels with a minimum suggested installed power of 150 h.p. which would give a cruise of 10 knots. The first boat was fitted with twin G.M. 6V-53 diesels going through ‘V’ drives and achieved a cruising speed of 13 knots with a top of 19 knots.

The first LaBelle 43’s were had a conventional shaft/engine installation with twin Volvo TMD 40 (120 hp) and topped out at 16 knots. At an 11 knot cruise the fuel consumption was about 4 gph

Plans consist of 7 drawings, laminate schedule, & general detail sheets to assist the builder.