44’ Steel Ketch

Design Number: 84-431

Boat Name: Perelandra

Type/Use: Pleasure cruising

Make/Model: Custom center cockpit cruising ketch

Designer: J. Simpson Ltd,  4876 59th St., Delta, BC, Canada   V4K4L7

Builder: Waterline Yachts and Windrose Boat works (primarily owner built )

Year Built: Launched 1989, Port Townsend, WA, USA

Length O.A: 50′ 10″ (over sprit)

Length on Dk: 43′ 11″

Length LWL: 37′ 1″

Beam(mld): 13′ 8″

Draft: 5′ 10″

Displacement: 34,000 lbs.

Ballast: 10,500 lbs. lead

Propulsion: Perkins 4-cylinder diesel, model 4-236 – 7 knots

Hull: Steel  (approx. 14,500 lbs “on ship”)

Hull Type: Full displacement, radius bilge, long fin keel, and skeg hung rudder

Sail Area: 1,042 square feet (100% fore triangle)  Clearance: 57′ from waterline

Pounds/in.: 1,650

Tankage: Fuel = 180 gal. Water = 175 gal.

Date: September 11, 1999

Comments by Owner

Basically Perelandra sails well without the mizzen. With that sail up she’ll have more drive and tend to point better but many times this isn’t necessary as when off the wind. Of course when sailing under staysail alone she is slower to respond and won’t come about as easily or quickly. She likes having some sail up on the outer forestay. When that is the case she balances well and has more drive. The helm is well balanced and changes slightly according to the various sail arrangements. We’re especially happy with the balance to the helm when storm-sails are up. When going fast she responds even better and with small adjustments between headsails and mizzen one can enable her to track well and be with the right amount of weather helm.

That about covers it.

Typical Passages:
6 days* = 1000 n.m. (*best long passage)
Best   = 180 n.m.
Average= 130-160 n.m./day

OwnerPerelandra — Sail Balance under various arrangements