44ft Drum Seiner

Design Number: 89-441

This design is another based on our “full-form” hull and  now working the B.C. fishery. It has proven to be a capable vessel operating year round. Power is by a single 350 hp diesel to give a speed of 9.0 knots.

There are 4 fish holds provide a total capacity of 1112 cu.ft.  Similar to our other larger fishing vessels, there is a longitudinal bulkhead dividing the holds port and starboard with a shaft tunnel under.

Alternate hold arrangements can be adopted to suit the owner’s requirements but we recommend that if a fluid cargo is carried (refrigerated seawater, herring, capelin) that the longitudinal watertight division be retained to minimize free surface effect.

The wide beam affords generous deck space for handling large nets and a tilt stern (optional) or alternate arrangements can be fitted.

All construction is designed to comply with American Bureau of Shipping standards with hull plating supported by transverse and longitudinal frames.

The interior layout illustrated is but one of several that can be fitted. Shown is a layout with permanent berths for 4 crew in a for’d cabin,  plus captain & mate to give a total of 6 berths. There is an adjacent ‘head’ with sink & shower.

Immediately aft is a large galley and ‘mess’ with direct access to the working deck aft and wheelhouse accessible by means of a ladder forward.