54′ Sportfisherman

Design Number: 86-531

This design was prepared for a Vancouver charter fishing operations who wanted a vessel suitable for up to 30 guests*.

Construction is of welded aluminum to meet the standards of the American Bureau of Shipping and features a modified V bottom aft leading to a bow of fairly fine entry. Power is by twin Caterpillar diesels of 375 hp each to give maximum and cruising speeds of 21 and 17 knots respectively. Reduction gears are Twin Disc model 507 turning 30″ diameter stainless steel propellers. Since even idling on one engine would produce faster than necessary trolling speeds, a Key Power hydraulic drive system is fitted to the starboard propeller shaft to give good control in the 1 to 6 knots speed range.

The attached drawing shows an open layout in both cockpit and saloon. Forward is a galley, toilet space, and rest area. Since this vessel is for commercial day trips, sleeping accommodation is limited to the captain’s stateroom only. For a private yacht, the interior layout can be modified to suit.

Controls are fitted at the fly-bridge only. The bridge front is highly raked to set the helmsman aft, in the most comfortable location for rough seas operation. For operations in poor weather, the controls can be enclosed or a lower helm station can be fitted.

For an alternative layout, the cockpit can be partly portioned off to create an aft stateroom as shown in sketch 86-531-3S. This can be fitted with full facilities and would leave a cockpit of approximately 6′ long.


A complete set of detailed design drawings together detail sheets and consultation is furnished for the construction of the boat.

*Note: If vessel is to be used for carrying passengers (for remuneration) please contact the regulatory agency of the country of operations.